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Sinus Tarsi Implant Surgery

Sinus tarsi implant surgery is a minimally invasive procedure designed to address excessive pronation of the subtalar joint, which is the articulation between the talus bone (ankle bone) and the calcaneus (heel bone). By placing a small implant in the sinus tarsi (the canal between the two bones), excessive joint mobility and overpronation of the foot can be prevented, while a somewhat normal range of motion can be maintained. Functioning as a small, internal orthotic, the implant realigns not only the bones of the foot but can also help to restore the alignment to the rest of the body. A sinus tarsi implant surgery may be performed on children and adults for congenital or adult onset flatfoot disorders.

Sinus tarsi implant surgery offers significant benefits over other surgical approaches to care. In addition to being a minimally invasive and reversible procedure, the surgery does not require post-op casting and the recovery time as well a return to athletic activity is quicker. As opposed to long-term orthotic treatment, there is almost instantaneous gait improvement along with a decrease in pain and tiring of the feet and legs.

Our distinguished Foot & Ankle Surgeon, Dr. James Totten, is Triple Board certified in his specialty with over 25 years of experience in treating all types of foot and ankle disorders. Dr. Totten specializes in pediatric hypermobility flatfoot surgery and performs subtalar arthroeresis procedures using implants with established track records for safety and deformity correction including the HyProcure® and Subtalar MBA® Implants.

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